What is a Smoothie?

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Smoothies: History and Facts on Blended Drinks
A smoothie, sometimes known as a smoothy, is a special kind of blended drink that is usually made with fruits and other foods like milk, yogurt, vegetables, or supplements like protein powder or green tea powder. The list is limitless for what you can use to make smoothie recipes for these popular drinks.

When did Smoothies First Appear?
In the 1930s, health food stores in the U.S. started offering smoothies made from smoothie recipes gotten from Brazil. A cookbook that came out in the 1940s called the Waring Blender Cookbook had Smoothie recipes for banana and pineapple smoothies. Twenty years later, many ice cream parlors and health food stores had them offered up as part of their menus, and a cookbook came out called The Original Smoothie Book.


In the 1970s there were smoothie recipes containing ice, fruit, fruit juice and sometimes milk, and by the 1990s they were offered everywhere from cafes to restaurants and even in grocery stores. Usually, whatever fruit that was in season at the time was what was used in the smoothie recipes. The favorite flavors at the times were bananas, strawberries and pineapples.

All of this proves how popular this icy smoothie drink has been over the past few decades. These smoothie recipes are varied to the point that there is a smoothie product that nearly everyone should love. These days just about all people in the U.S. own a blender and they can even learn to make their own smoothies easily and invent their own smoothie recipes from the many types of fruits, vegetables and other items available on the market like vitamins, fiber, minerals, soy, or protein powders.

Healthy Smoothie Facts
Many types of smoothies are healthy, while others are not much different than a milkshake. It all depends on what is in the smoothie recipes. If natural, organic juices and foods are used, then a smoothie can sometimes even be used as a healthy meal replacement. Some people refer to this as juicing, but it can be considered to be a type of vegetable and fruit blended smoothie.

Vitamins and minerals in natural foods used in smoothie recipes can provide better nutrition than pills or supplements. For instance, you can get vitamin C from fresh oranges or fresh broccoli or beta carotene from fresh carrots.  Apples help prevent high cholesterol since their skins have antioxidants that can be ground up and blended into smoothie recipes. The list of nutrients goes on and on since smoothies usually have all the fiber and skins and even the seeds of healthy fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and Vegetables

Some of the popular healthy smoothie recipes are smoothies like Green smoothies, which include all sorts of green vegetables like spinach, kale, celery, lettuce, Swiss chard and green tea mixed with sweeter fruits like apple or a banana to make them taste better. They digest easy and are very good for the body for many reasons. However, you do need a high speed quality blender to break up some of the tougher vegetables.

Good Smoothie Blenders
In order to make a smoothie, you need a good and powerful blender. Here are some of the blenders to choose from when you start making smoothie recipes:

braun-powermax-blender1. Braun PowerMax Jug Blender
This blender has 525 watts of power and five speed settings, as well as a 58 oz. container. It also has holes in its lid to let you easily add in juice or other liquids.









Cuisinart Smart Power 7 Speed Blender2. Cuisinart Smart Power 7 Speed Blender
This blender is a bit less powerful at 350 watts of power, but has seven speeds. It also has a slightly smaller container at 40 oz.  But it is rated to crush ice, so works well for making smoothie recipes.









porsche designer blender3. Bosch Porche Designer Stand Blender
This blender has 450 watts of power and a 48 oz. container. The interesting thing is that their container is plastic instead of glass.







Black and Decker Crush Master4. Black and Decker Crush Master
This blender is 475 watts of power and has 10 powerful settings, and the container is 48 oz. in size. It also comes with a two oz. measuring cup.








Oster Classic Beehive Stand Blender5. Oster Classic Beehive Stand Blender
This blender has 500 watts of power and only two speeds and the glass container is 40 oz. in size.








Kinds of Smoothie Recipes
Some of the many popular types of smoothie recipes include:

Boosting Smoothie Recipes
Some of these smoothie recipes include ingredients to give energy or to give more fiber. Foods added include oatmeal to add carbs for energy or goji berries, which are also supposed to give energy and they also taste good mixed with fruits like kiwi or peaches.

vegetable-smoothieVegetable Smoothies
Vegetable smoothie recipes can include greens as mentioned earlier, or many other kinds of vegetables like carrots, beets, or even tomatoes based on your personal taste buds. These mix well with vitamins like flaxseed to help fight cholesterol. These are often referred to as juicing types of smoothie recipes.





These smoothie recipes can have pineapples, coconut, mango, guava, watermelon, lychee, jujube and may have a little milk or yogurt to make it more creamy. It is up to your own imagination as to what smoothie recipes to include. Just about any fruit works well in tropical smoothies.

tropical fruit smoothie

Protein Smoothies
These are usually meal replacement smoothie recipes and low sugar and low carb fruits, and a protein source like milk, soy, whey powder or casein powder. These smoothies are popular with weight lifters and those who want to bulk up to have a more muscular body.

All in all, smoothie recipes can be made of almost any type of foods that you enjoy and they are a great way to get a more healthy body and healthy lifestyle. People have been enjoying them for many years and will most likely keep drinking them for many years to come. So, get out that blender and go find a great smoothie recipe to try and you too will grow to love this popular and healthy drink.


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