How To Make A Smoothie

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Smoothies are a delicious choice for a quick snack or meal replacement. It’s not hard to make a smoothie. It all depends on what flavors you like and what type of healthy benefits you want it to contain. As long as you have the following ingredients and a blender you are well on your way to creating smoothies.

Smoothies are popular with kids and adults, so be sure to get your kids interested in drinking healthy smoothies instead of sugary sodas or energy drinks that can ruin their health.  If you keep the ingredients for your smoothies restricted to healthy fruits/veggies and to liquids like milk or tea or water that have less calories, then you can give them lots of healthy vitamins and minerals their growing bodies need.

Here are some simple steps to making healthy and delicious smoothies:

Start With a Liquid Base
For all smoothies you need a liquid base to start off with. This could be eight to 16 ounces of just about any kind of the following liquids:

  • Many people love putting in either cow’s milk or soy milk as the liquid base for a smoothie. Just about any kind of milk product works well since they are smooth and blend easily. They also give you protein, calcium and other vitamins.
  • Another good liquid base for smoothies is fruit juice. Depending on the type, it can add vitamins like C and E. Be sure to use the non-sugar filled varieties to save on calories.Another good liquid is tea, which is great for adding in antioxidants if you use green tea products.
  • If you want a Frappuccino style of smoothie, coffee can also be a good liquid base.
  • Yogurt is something that helps to make a smoothie thick and will add in probiotic cultures and proteins.
  • You can even use water or ice as a liquid for starting off a smoothie.


Add in fruits or vegetables
Just about any kind of fruit or vegetable can be used for a smoothie, either fresh or frozen. Popular choices are bananas or berries, as well as veggies like carrots or green foods like spinach or kale. Try experimenting to see what flavors you like to create your own smoothie recipe.

Add-ins for Smoothies
Some people like to give their smoothies an extra boost. They will use some of the following ingredients:

  • Protein Powder adds nutrition to a smoothie. There are many different flavors and types.
  • If you like green foods you can add in Chlorella or Spirulina.
  • Vitamin powder also can be added for more nutritional value.
  • Different kinds of flavorings can be added to smoothies like cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla or any other type that you like.
  • Some like to make their smoothie more like a milkshake by adding ice cream.
  • Other things like flaxseed or oats helps to fight cholesterol. Just be aware that flaxseed has a quite a bit of soluble fiber. This can form into a gel so don’t put too much into your smoothie.
  • Some people add sweeteners like honey, syrup, or agave nectar.
  • Believe it or not, a dash of sea salt can be a good addition to add more nutrients and some added flavor.
  • Additional items that go well in smoothies include bee pollen, coconut oil, maca, aloe vera and colostrum for specialized smoothies and to add different kinds of nutrition.

How are Smoothies Blended?
A blender is important if you want to make smoothies. You will need a good strong blender or juicer depending on the type of smoothies you are creating. You will want to get one with sharp blades that has several speeds for best options. If you are mostly using veggies in your smoothies you will most likely prefer a juicer instead of a blender as they are more designed for blending up harder vegetables.

When you make a smoothie you slowly add in your ingredients and make sure they are liquidized and mixed completely for several seconds. Depending on the strength of the blender, this can take up to a minute or so to accomplish. Don’t put too much in at once or you will either have a mess or clog up the blender.

Be sure to not over blend your smoothie and be sure to start off with a low speed and see if that is strong enough to mix your ingredients. If it seems too thin, then add some ice or a thickening agent or add more liquid if it is too thick. Be sure to taste it and see if it needs any additions like sweetener or more of a particular ingredient.

Saving Money When Making Smoothies
You can save money when you make smoothies by buying fruits and vegetables in season and by buying frozen ones. Frozen ones are usually the cheapest options, but you can try finding locally grown produce in your town to save money or even buy seconds that they mark down in the stores since you are grinding them up anyway.

You could also save money by buying a second hand blender in a thrift store or yard sale, but be careful and make sure that it works before buying it. This also depends on the kind of blender you need and if you plan to make only a few smoothies a month or do it every day. If you are making smoothies every day, you probably will want to get a strong, powerful new blender.

The bottom line is that smoothies of all kinds are very popular and most of them are very healthy and nutritious. It all depends on what you put inside your smoothie recipes. Smoothies can be adjusted to just about anyone’s taste and both kids and adults alike love them. They are a quick and easy snack or meal replacement too.

So join in the love of this delicious and popular drink product today by mixing up a smoothie. You will soon feel healthier and enjoy the benefits of smoothies in many ways.

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